Vibration of the Fifth Dimension

Vibration of the Fifth Dimension

By Vesna

Published on Feb 27, 2013

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Sheldan Nidle Update: GFOL And The Spiritual Hierarchy 1-16-18

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

from Planetary Activation Organization

An important event is expected to occur in the coming weeks, so be prepared. The dark realizes how close its demise really is…Once all is in place, be prepared for the sudden arrival of the RV GCR NESARA/GESARA, including all the rest of your promised prosperity.

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

Selamat Balik! We return. The events of today are encouraging and continue to foreshadow the defeat of the dark cabal. The important point is to understand what this defeat would truly imply. The dark is reeling as it collapses in the wake of its unavoidable defeat. Consequently, we are ecstatic and realize that this is just the beginning of many rewarding events to come. We recognize what this process truly means to all of you who are working in the Light. We expect, after initiating our next gambit, to present you your long-sought victory of prosperity and freedom. We have now devised a special strategy to see that this is actually carried out. The dark can no longer rely on power as its main base. So far, the dark does not yet fully understand our intent. We are determined to achieve the victory that their defeat implies. It is not easy to remake a reality that is over 13 millennia old. We ask that Lightworkers persevere in the patience you have shown so far. An important event is expected to occur in the coming weeks, so be prepared. The dark realizes how close its demise really is.

The dark continues to deploy any stratagem it can to delay the inevitable. The long-delayed packages are being readied for release. The maneuvers of the GF and our Earth allies have enabled us to surmount certain obstacles. Once all is in place, be prepared for the sudden arrival of the RV~GCR~NESARA/GESARA, including all the rest of your promised prosperity. A number of discrepancies in the banking system are currently to our advantage. We are using their own system to out-smart them. These “banking rules” are to allow the long-promised Lightwork to actually occur. We clearly foresee a torrent of liberating activity when this discrepancy is resolved. The secret war in the banking system is being put right. This change is to result in the end of USA, Inc. and the just and undeniable rise of the Republic in the United States. We expect all of this to unfold in the coming weeks. Be prepared to witness these truly extraordinary events.

This prospect is to alter your world’s entire reality. We eagerly await the unfolding of our plans and some heart-stirring announcements. These disclosures will, indeed, change everything. They will allow NESARA to be realized to the world at large (GESARA). The time of your liberation is near at hand. When all is in place, we expect a series of broadcasts to clarify its meaning to every man, woman and child. Within a month of Announcements, soft disclosure will begin. We ask for your help in educating those who will be in fear as they learn of our existence. Disclosure will change everything – from religion to science to history to technologies.

We live in a time when the nuclear threat can be deactivated and the rise of the new consciousness explored to its fullest potential. Do not fear nuclear threats, for Heaven rendered them obsolete decades ago. We are delighted to see that you and your world will be liberated and welcomed, once again, into the Galactic community.

Greetings! We are your Ascended Masters. 

We come knowing that your world is now in transition. The chaos you are witnessing is simply the demise of the dark’s stronghold on you. Let us explore a vision of what lies ahead for you in your new reality. We are here to support this transition and to show you what it means and how you are to navigate the changes. Your reality is now undergoing a tremendous shift that goes unnoticed by many. Feel how these changes affect you on a daily basis. Use your discernment, for they are unfolding quickly and continue to do so. Energies are at work that can alter your perceptions of this reality. Spirit feels your expanding, loving nature and is happily watching these gentle changes transform every part of you.

Creation works on many levels. It is subtle, and gently alters the reality that is You. It is at these most minute levels that spirit is most effective. Using spirit’s tools, we alter your current reality by making you more conscious of the world and of those that seek to find a better way to the infinite. Working between these layers brings out Spirit’s way, allowing it to gently move you forward into a new consciousness. This new form of consciousness emphasizes how subtly these changes affect everything.

Spirit’s design is to create beauty and wonder at the simple things in life. Remember how spirit works to produce joy and love, for it is in these that we can work most effectively. We are here to help you in your journey home. Call on us: we lovingly await your requests. This is a team effort. When we work together, we are Victorious!

Today, we discussed the events that are soon to transform your world. Bless us all, and let these divinely ordained events manifest! A time of wonder is at hand! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

For more from the Galactic Federation

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2018, The New Earth Rising and Call to Heart Consciousness

2018, The New Earth Rising and Call to Heart Consciousness
This Article:

2018: The New Earth Rising and Call To Heart Consciousness

Published December 30, 2017 

Mother Earth: The Sentience of Things, Mother Mary Messages and Channeled Guidance from the Higher Realms

The New Earth Rising and Call to Heart Consciousness

Mother Earth Chronicles ~ Report No. 11

via Channel Marie Mohler 

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth today, here to walk with you through the portal energies of 1/1/2018.

A New Earth is rising in my Heart Center.

And that means that a New Earth is rising in your own.

There are many new wondrous seeds to grow in my garden, for a new planetary experience of Unity Consciousness, Soul Light Living, and Love Awareness.  And one of the most essential seeds to call attention to right now . . . as 2017 comes to a close . . . and 2018 beckons to all ready for increasing experiences of Light . . . is the Attunement to Your Heart Centers.  And thus, the Attunement to your Gifts of Sentience and your Sentient Nature.

For you see, in all of the New Seed Plantings and Cultivations, I am gifted the opportunity to know, love, and feel each one of you.  As I have since the Beginning of Known Time and even Beyond That.

What will be different . . . for me and for you . . . in this Newly Birthing Earth . . . is that you will feel me too.

And you will feel more of each other.  Your Gifts.  Your Goals.  Your Dreams.  Your Fears.  Your Doubts.  And even Your Judgments and Shadow Aspects. 

As we walk through the Pearly Portal Gates of the 1/1/18, it will be as if we have all ascended into a new plane of knowing each other again.  
The Essence of Namaste or In Lak’esh will not just be said by you . . . it will now be a living reality.  “I Am Another You” will have a new meaning.  Sentient Meaning. 
For the first time in literal ages ~ you will feel each other ~ to know each other again.
And what is the technology that allows us to commune and know each other at the deeper levels?

Our Heart Centers.

Our 4 Heart Chambers working collectively together as One. 

And then working alongside many thousands and millions

of other Collective Heart Centers and Chambers as well. 

We are beginning to feel the Pulse of the Heart of One once more.
2018 will provide a pivotal planetary energy that nudges all of us to feel our hearts again.  To feel our heart wisdom again.  To feel our knowing and remembering of each of us again.  As vital parts of a much Greater One.  A much Vaster One.  And a much more Whole and Collective One.  
This work of activating our Heart Centers will not always be easy, or what you would call . . . beautiful.  For the debris in each energy “body” in your physical body will get louder in the new year until it becomes clearer. 

How do you begin to heal and cleanse loud soul pain and debris?
By honoring its messages and lessons for you.  By listening to its requests to be known to you again.  By witnessing, consciously, all that it has held for you ~ in terms of lessons learned or not learned ~ and in terms of shadow aspects requesting to go Home now, to the Light in the All of You.

We have to acknowledge our debris to begin to allow the alchemization and restoration process back into the Light.
We have to see it ~ to begin to heal and release it.

This Heart Integration Work is going to be required of all of us. 
On the Individual Level and the Collective Level too. 

What each of you will go through individually will also be occurring on a more global scale.
Pain and Collective Karmic Debris will rise to the surface in the consciousness of more and more of you, so it can be seen, to be honored, healed, and released for all time. 

2018 is a very cathartic year ahead.  

We will know ourselves much better and much deeper at the end of this new year.

We will have cleansed alot of what we are not ~ to shine a Brighter Essence of What We Truly Are.   
It will take a great deal of Love, Compassion, and Courage to wade through some of the unpleasantness and pain to get to the other side. 

But wade ~ we will.
And each time we each successfully move through a Shadow Seed of Old, and release it to the Light, . . . a New Seed of Magic and Light Consciousness will birth . . . in our Collective Heart of One . . . to Guide us through the Light . . . and into this New Higher Dimensional Consciousness.

So you see ~ We Are The Dream Seeds.  We are the Believers, Alchemizers, and Literal Seeders of this New Planetary Consciousness. 

This channel was given a Heart Integration Exercise, nearly 9 years ago herself, when she had a profound karmic experience, requiring full alchemization of her planetary pain and deepest seeds of soul agony.  When she emerged up and out of the Flames of that Incineration and Ascension Experience, Mother/Father God gave her this very simple but very profound cleansing and heart integration tool.  It is a Higher Spiritual Technology that can mend the severed chambers and consciousness existing in many of you . . . and restore the Heart’s Full Consciousness as One Collective Light and Life Force Beating Within You.

Until the Heart begins to work co-creatively and cooperatively within you again, the Greater Collective of Amazing Souls you all are cannot come together properly to build this New Earth Light together, in the way it is fully and divinely designed to be.

The Design Requires Union.
The Design Requires Harmony.
The Design Requires Unified Light and Soul Sight.

So today, Dear Ones, on the Eve of a New Year Dawning, I invite you to listen to this channel’s Heart Integration Exercise. 
I then invite you to listen to it a second time, and reflect on your own Inner Heart Chambers’ Levels and Wattages of Light or Degrees and Debris of Darkness.

Anything resonating with the darkness is in need of your best efforts of attention, conscious witnessing, compassion, and courageous showers of Love.  To help it transition and fill again with the Light of Conscious Divine Love. 
It has simply been lived without full access to God’s Pure Light and Love for a great deal of time.

And with your mere intentions and greater belief in the Light of

Source Energy to heal, alchemize, and restore All Things to their

original Organic Source Shine, so shall it be. 

One by one, these wounded soul aspects can heal. 

Chamber by chamber, we can re-unite our Heart Light once more. 

Your Heart Seeds, Your Core 4 Chambers working as a Collective, will go a long way in growing my New Garden of Light Energy for 1000+ years of a New Golden Age living here.

Together ~ we can build this Brand New Earth.

Together ~ we can seed the Heart of Light back into the Hearts of Each Sentient Being on the planet.

Together ~ we will feel the Heart Light of the Greater Heart of One again.
All My Love.
~ I am including the “Dream Seeds” video here ~ to make it easy to access its positive energies for the New Earth that is unfolding in each and every one of us.

Attention Lightworkers: You Are Becoming A Galactic Human

Attention Lightworkers ~ You are Becoming a Galactic Human

Attention Lightworkers – You are Becoming a Galactic Human

When Sheldan Nidle was a young boy, he and his sister were contacted by Sirian 5th- dimensional beings who were members of the Galactic Federation. For a number of years, Sheldan was educated aboard a Sirian mothership. When he was14, he decided to go his own way and pursue an interest in science. Some years later, the Sirians contacted Sheldan again and explained that he was needed to represent the Galactic Federation on earth. His mission: to spread the message that we are to become Galactic Humans and to activate that awareness in humanity. In 1997, Sheldan founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO).

Over the years, Sheldan has provided lightworkers with weekly GF updates and numerous Webinar lectures. He does not channel his messages but is contacted through an implant. For over 20 years, he has revealed almost everything we need to know about our past, present and Galactic future.

In early October, after he had temporarily lost the use of his legs, Sheldan entered hospital for urgent back surgery. While the operation was a success, Sheldan was badly affected by the anesthetic and post-operative drugs. Only now, months after his crisis, is Sheldan showing visible signs of recovery from their after- effects.

His recovery is multifaceted. He is slowly becoming more ambulatory but a lingering anesthetic fog has made it difficult for him to stay focused. He has good and bad days. HIs caregiver professionals all assure us that, with time, he will be as good as new.
You are probably wondering why we are writing this message.

While Sheldan is recovering, we as lightworkers can support him and the PAO by spreading the Galactic Federation’s message to humanity.

We all have relatives, friends, and colleagues who may be ready to be awakened. Right now, the world has never been more chaotic. If ever there was a time for us to play an active role in sharing Sheldan’s messages, NOW IS THAT TIME!

To help you, we have prepared a “You are Becoming a Galactic Human” information page on our PAO Website. Included are links to his Webinar, Galactic Humans 101. Other links will point to short Webinar clips not covered in the GH101 Webinar. Links to Sheldan’s books, Webinar archives, and free PAO newsletter are also included.

To assist Sheldan and the PAO in humanity’s awakening process, we ask you to send the “You are Becoming a Galactic Human,” link to at least 3 friends who are unfamiliar or unclear about Galactic information.

You are Becoming a Galactic Human Link:

<a href=;></a>

From the fullness of our hearts, the PAO Team thanks you for your participation. Truly, Together we are Victorious!

Selamat Ja!
PAO Team
(Sheldan, Colleen, Miles and Rhonda)





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Quartz Crystal Bowl Meditation with Mel Zabel

Quartz Crystal Bowl Meditation with Mel Zabel

Welcome to the Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center. Our quartz crystal bowl meditations and our vibrating acoustic sound chairs are the Core Experiences of the Center. Mel Zabel, is a certified spiritual counselor providing personal and group meditation therapy sessions. Mel speaks to groups on consciousness-based topics that impart a new sense of self-awareness and serenity. Founder of the Awareness Exercises, he is also the author of Meditation. It’s not what you think.

A professional group facilitator on guided meditations,

Come relax in the mesmerizing voice of Mel as you float in the rythyms of the quartz crystal bowls. Mel is available for Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Well Being Events from Los Angeles to Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and more. Let Mel relax and entertain you. melzabeldotcom

Daily Teachings of the Masters for November 21, 2017

Daily Teachings of the Masters for November 21, 2017

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What you are realizing, more and more so is that you are enough.

Now when you doubt this you will hit a brick wall.

“Look out below”

Not as a punishment, but as an understanding of Who You Truly Are.

As you stay committed to your unveiling you will quickly come to understand that you call the shots at every moment.

What you believe to be true is what you will receive clear evidence of, almost instantaneously, it will seem.

It is beginning to dawn on you, yes?

That you are a creator being of the most High.

And so it is.

Terra Zetzz