2018, The New Earth Rising and Call to Heart Consciousness

2018, The New Earth Rising and Call to Heart Consciousness
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2018: The New Earth Rising and Call To Heart Consciousness

Published December 30, 2017 

Mother Earth: The Sentience of Things, Mother Mary Messages and Channeled Guidance from the Higher Realms

The New Earth Rising and Call to Heart Consciousness

Mother Earth Chronicles ~ Report No. 11

via Channel Marie Mohler 

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth today, here to walk with you through the portal energies of 1/1/2018.

A New Earth is rising in my Heart Center.

And that means that a New Earth is rising in your own.

There are many new wondrous seeds to grow in my garden, for a new planetary experience of Unity Consciousness, Soul Light Living, and Love Awareness.  And one of the most essential seeds to call attention to right now . . . as 2017 comes to a close . . . and 2018 beckons to all ready for increasing experiences of Light . . . is the Attunement to Your Heart Centers.  And thus, the Attunement to your Gifts of Sentience and your Sentient Nature.

For you see, in all of the New Seed Plantings and Cultivations, I am gifted the opportunity to know, love, and feel each one of you.  As I have since the Beginning of Known Time and even Beyond That.

What will be different . . . for me and for you . . . in this Newly Birthing Earth . . . is that you will feel me too.

And you will feel more of each other.  Your Gifts.  Your Goals.  Your Dreams.  Your Fears.  Your Doubts.  And even Your Judgments and Shadow Aspects. 

As we walk through the Pearly Portal Gates of the 1/1/18, it will be as if we have all ascended into a new plane of knowing each other again.  
The Essence of Namaste or In Lak’esh will not just be said by you . . . it will now be a living reality.  “I Am Another You” will have a new meaning.  Sentient Meaning. 
For the first time in literal ages ~ you will feel each other ~ to know each other again.
And what is the technology that allows us to commune and know each other at the deeper levels?

Our Heart Centers.

Our 4 Heart Chambers working collectively together as One. 

And then working alongside many thousands and millions

of other Collective Heart Centers and Chambers as well. 

We are beginning to feel the Pulse of the Heart of One once more.
2018 will provide a pivotal planetary energy that nudges all of us to feel our hearts again.  To feel our heart wisdom again.  To feel our knowing and remembering of each of us again.  As vital parts of a much Greater One.  A much Vaster One.  And a much more Whole and Collective One.  
This work of activating our Heart Centers will not always be easy, or what you would call . . . beautiful.  For the debris in each energy “body” in your physical body will get louder in the new year until it becomes clearer. 

How do you begin to heal and cleanse loud soul pain and debris?
By honoring its messages and lessons for you.  By listening to its requests to be known to you again.  By witnessing, consciously, all that it has held for you ~ in terms of lessons learned or not learned ~ and in terms of shadow aspects requesting to go Home now, to the Light in the All of You.

We have to acknowledge our debris to begin to allow the alchemization and restoration process back into the Light.
We have to see it ~ to begin to heal and release it.

This Heart Integration Work is going to be required of all of us. 
On the Individual Level and the Collective Level too. 

What each of you will go through individually will also be occurring on a more global scale.
Pain and Collective Karmic Debris will rise to the surface in the consciousness of more and more of you, so it can be seen, to be honored, healed, and released for all time. 

2018 is a very cathartic year ahead.  

We will know ourselves much better and much deeper at the end of this new year.

We will have cleansed alot of what we are not ~ to shine a Brighter Essence of What We Truly Are.   
It will take a great deal of Love, Compassion, and Courage to wade through some of the unpleasantness and pain to get to the other side. 

But wade ~ we will.
And each time we each successfully move through a Shadow Seed of Old, and release it to the Light, . . . a New Seed of Magic and Light Consciousness will birth . . . in our Collective Heart of One . . . to Guide us through the Light . . . and into this New Higher Dimensional Consciousness.

So you see ~ We Are The Dream Seeds.  We are the Believers, Alchemizers, and Literal Seeders of this New Planetary Consciousness. 

This channel was given a Heart Integration Exercise, nearly 9 years ago herself, when she had a profound karmic experience, requiring full alchemization of her planetary pain and deepest seeds of soul agony.  When she emerged up and out of the Flames of that Incineration and Ascension Experience, Mother/Father God gave her this very simple but very profound cleansing and heart integration tool.  It is a Higher Spiritual Technology that can mend the severed chambers and consciousness existing in many of you . . . and restore the Heart’s Full Consciousness as One Collective Light and Life Force Beating Within You.

Until the Heart begins to work co-creatively and cooperatively within you again, the Greater Collective of Amazing Souls you all are cannot come together properly to build this New Earth Light together, in the way it is fully and divinely designed to be.

The Design Requires Union.
The Design Requires Harmony.
The Design Requires Unified Light and Soul Sight.

So today, Dear Ones, on the Eve of a New Year Dawning, I invite you to listen to this channel’s Heart Integration Exercise. 
I then invite you to listen to it a second time, and reflect on your own Inner Heart Chambers’ Levels and Wattages of Light or Degrees and Debris of Darkness.

Anything resonating with the darkness is in need of your best efforts of attention, conscious witnessing, compassion, and courageous showers of Love.  To help it transition and fill again with the Light of Conscious Divine Love. 
It has simply been lived without full access to God’s Pure Light and Love for a great deal of time.

And with your mere intentions and greater belief in the Light of

Source Energy to heal, alchemize, and restore All Things to their

original Organic Source Shine, so shall it be. 

One by one, these wounded soul aspects can heal. 

Chamber by chamber, we can re-unite our Heart Light once more. 

Your Heart Seeds, Your Core 4 Chambers working as a Collective, will go a long way in growing my New Garden of Light Energy for 1000+ years of a New Golden Age living here.

Together ~ we can build this Brand New Earth.

Together ~ we can seed the Heart of Light back into the Hearts of Each Sentient Being on the planet.

Together ~ we will feel the Heart Light of the Greater Heart of One again.
All My Love.
~ I am including the “Dream Seeds” video here ~ to make it easy to access its positive energies for the New Earth that is unfolding in each and every one of us.

Quartz Crystal Bowl Meditation with Mel Zabel

Quartz Crystal Bowl Meditation with Mel Zabel

Welcome to the Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center. Our quartz crystal bowl meditations and our vibrating acoustic sound chairs are the Core Experiences of the Center. Mel Zabel, is a certified spiritual counselor providing personal and group meditation therapy sessions. Mel speaks to groups on consciousness-based topics that impart a new sense of self-awareness and serenity. Founder of the Awareness Exercises, he is also the author of Meditation. It’s not what you think.

A professional group facilitator on guided meditations,

Come relax in the mesmerizing voice of Mel as you float in the rythyms of the quartz crystal bowls. Mel is available for Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Well Being Events from Los Angeles to Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and more. Let Mel relax and entertain you. melzabeldotcom

Young Lightworkers Channel – Message from Mother 10-13-17

Young Lightworkers Channel – Message from Mother 10-13-17

Greetings children, it is I, Mother God. I greet you today, tonight, wherever you may be in this beautiful green blue orb, wherever you are at energetically, I see you and I greet the god spark within you.

Can you see how beautiful you are to me? I know every freckle (which are beautiful by the way) every smile, every tear, every loss, every pain and I see you. I love you and I embrace you. Snuggle up to me and let me tell you a story, your story, our story. But know it has a happy ending.

In the beginning, in the dawn of things, we were creating many beautiful and new galaxies and worlds, all a swirl with color and passion and light and love, lovely beautiful energies everywhere, like an energy blanket of love that permeated all things.

This love energy pulsed through the universe and was the substance of whatever we created. Only light and only love would we allow in our creative imaginings because we , Father and I, are pure love and light and creative potential.

There are many creator gods, for how else could Source continue to create and expand and know itself? Other Mother and Father Gods created many universes and alternate realities, all within the confines of pure love. And so it was.

Much happened. And here we are today recovering and restructuring this reality that was so maligned from love it breaks my heart and causes great tears to fall. For your tears are my tears and I feel your pain. It was not supposed to be this dark. But I digress.

The lesser creator gods continued to create and to expand and report back to Source as instructed, until one day one of them chose to go their own way and do their own thing.

Many versions of this story of rebellion are in your scriptures and ancient texts for it is a universal truth, in this universe, of rebellion and battle and has been so for so long. But times are changing.

I will not go into further details at this time, that is for another day. But know that the chain of command of creation as it trickled down the line, became corrupted with greed for power and domination in a few, who made their presence of havoc and hell known across this universe. Several universes were completely lost to the dark and dissolved into themselves.

Earth was to be a safe haven, a creative library of common DNA questions and collaboration center where other beings and other creators could showcase their creations, and mutual learning and sharing of understandings could take place.

This, as you know, was hijacked by those who wanted this beautiful jewel Gaia, as their own property and possession that they could do with as they wished and dispose of when they completed their journey?, mission?, it is hard to know what to call it.

As you know, your beautiful human DNA that sparkled like a million diamonds was alarmingly reduced to only 2 strands, cutting the memories of your multi-dimensional self and of your own creator god powers.

Is this too much too soon children? Shall I continue? Please remember you volunteered, clamored, to come here and to be a part of the grandest evolutionary expansion your soul or this universe has ever expressed.

What an opportunity… for our goal is to continually love, continually expand more, and to experience Source more intimately, for when we experience Source within, we experience that elusive thing called inner peace, which is sorely needed on your beautiful war-torn planet at this time. Can you understand that which you seek is truly within you, in your heart space, in your diamond encoded DNA?

This is an extremely challenging incarnation and tumultuous moment on Gaia, but it shall pass. Truly it shall. Earth will be again a beacon of hope across the universe, across all of the many universes, announcing to all things that LOVE WINS.

Do you see you are our beloved children and you are on the winning team? Breathe in the victory. Breathe in the comfort. Let us heal you. It is almost over. Hang on.

I enfold you in sparkle light of the highest love encodements, surrounding each cell, each finger, each little toe. I see you. I know you. I love you. All is truly well.

All is well. Rest children in my arms, in my love, in my presence, and know how much you are loved.

You are heaven’s hope for many, many things. You are the leaders of Nova Gaia. Feel it in your hearts and embrace the New as your reality.

For what you see in your heart, you can create in your reality. Truly.

Be at peace now. I am your Mother God.


Terra Zetzz


Sheldan Nidle Update

Sheldan Nidle – October-10-2017 – Galactic Federation of Light

Selamat Balik! Much is still taking shape behind the scenes. Those in charge of the monies still seem quite hesitant to part with such huge sums. This concurrent aspect of reality is now being pushed aside by the Light. The various trouble spots are simply indications of why much of this degree of chaos is occurring. It is Heaven’s prime intention to quickly release the prosperity funds and finally allow the true NESARA Republic to flourish. At that time, the dark is to be fully defeated!

The present funding delays are, in reality, a type of giant procedural gaffe. The RV money is to float for a time, then we fully expect to see a number of joyful events. Our new policy is simply to accept and flow with the current situation. Nevertheless, in spite of many obstacles, a new era is at hand. So remain patient and know that this special event is near!

The major remaining issue is the need to carry out well-formulated events that have been set in motion from long ago. Be ready to recognize a new and very profound shorthand that is to move humanity and Gaia into a prosperous New Age. This time is also earmarked to see the long-awaited RV. It is the Love of this broad over-gifting that is presently concerning the universe. Bounteous prosperity funding is to be only the start.

In this extraordinary Light, be ready for truly profound changes. Open yourselves to embrace a new reality that is to alter you forever!! Although it has taken much too long to manifest, know, from the joy in your heart, that this well-intentioned reality is destined to happen. In it lies global compliance with new, peaceful and sovereign governance. This is to be the key to peace on this orb.

Nauma-stay! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you on this day with a message of hope and Love. Everywhere, there are divine signs that mirror the closeness of a prosperous new reality. Hence, dear Hearts, be brave and let go of your immense frustrations. Look into your expanding hearts and realize how mighty they have become. Know as well, dear Hearts, that your most magnificent victories are quite near! Hence, take these grand visions and allow them to manifest now.

Around you, there lies an immense energy of consciousness that is approaching its last stages of manifestation. We in spiritual realms can now globally sense how all of this is nearing its heavenly appearance. The Divine now seeks the ways, set forth by its sacred decrees, to create this new realm. As hinted at in the beginning of this talk, know deep in your heart that the Divine Spirit is busily making its way into this place and easily dismissing all obstacles it presently encounters.

The power of Spirit is quickly beginning to make a difference in the way this marvelous alteration is to come about. Everywhere, the sound of the Heavenly trumpet is heard. This world must surely realize just how close all of this actually is! The sacred sound is now blasting its resounding signature tune across this holy orb. The days of evil are lifting and soon the chorus of Light is to be heard throughout this long-tortured land. It is indeed a time of miracles and divine celebration!

As you can see, this weekly report has once more covered the goings-on across this beautiful blue- green planet. Many times previously we felt the need to shout and cheer about what is arising everywhere. In this Light, always remember that the never-ending and countless supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!)

Kundalini Signs and Symptoms

Kundalini Signs and Symptoms

By Mystic Eye

In this video I explain Kundalini Awakening, the signs and symptoms that can come as an effect of the kundalini energy erupting.

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Ambient Angelic Tones – Great for Meditation

“Ambient Angelic Tones”

I’ve been playing this a lot of late, seems to be what I need at the moment. Beautifully healing and soothing. Hope you enjoy it too.

Much love, Harmony xxx

Video originally Published on May 7, 2017

Allow yourself to flow with this hypnotic journey of soothing and blissful angelic music mixed with peaceful wind and ocean sounds. Raise vibration and let go of that which is not serving your highest purpose. Music is tuned to 432 Hz. Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of seperation. It expands our hearts and make us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world were we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each-other and Mother Earth.

Terra Zetzz